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 A Demographic 
iSurvey of Canadian   Academic Geoscience 



This report provides an overview of the results from the 2022 Survey of Postsecondary Faculty and Researchers in Canadian Geoscience. 

A greater breakdown of this data is provided, highlighting trends in gender,  LGBTQ+, racial, disability, and Indigenous representation. 

The report can be downloaded by clicking below.


Results from the survey highlight major disparities in the representation of gender, race, indigeneity, disability, and LGBTQ+ between research students (e.g., MSc and PhD students) and salaried researchers (e.g., Postdoctoral Scholars and Faculty/Staff). 


Compared to statistics from Canadian academia, geosciences has lower gender, racial, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ representation for salaried researchers. 


Finally, against Canadian census data, it is clear that Indigenous and disability representation is low across the board (with the exception of Indigenous MSc students). 

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